ARGENTINA – New protocol sanitary measures for vessels – quarantine period 21.05.2020

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ARGENTINA – New protocol sanitary measures for vessels – quarantine period


In view of latest events with two vessels and one Pilots recently tested positive of Covid19, authorities have just released new Sanitary protocol

for all vessels coming from abroad.

In all cases, Shipping Agents must notify the arrival of vessel 72 hours before the ship’s arrival to Recalada and submit to health authorities

the documents and information listed below, to obtain Free Pratique authorization from Sanitary authorities in line with following cases:



1 - Vessels arriving to Recalada, having passed more than 14 days from its last port of call, or having called at any country not included

      in the list of ‘risk countries’ within the last 14 days , (i.e. particularly Uruguay and Paraguay due to shorter t/time)


     Usual Pre-arrival information including Health maritime declaration, crew list, last port of call, crew body temperature reports each 12 hrs,

     Crew changes during last 14 days or more, vessels room and cleanness condition for Pilots including mandatory use of new protective equipment

     (chinstrap, gloves, goggles, camisole), crew’s body temp control at port and Free Pratique request.



2 - Vessels coming from risk areas without crew changes

     Applicable to vessels arriving to Recalada, having less than 14 days from its last port of call at any ‘risk country’ , i.e. (i.e. particularly

     applying for Brazil and Chile due to shorter t/time), but not having any crew change during last 14 days.


     Same pre-arrival info as detail on 1. But including additional:

a.       Shipping Line/Vessel to surrendered current Protocol implemented for the management of the Pandemic COVID-19

b.      Book of entries and exits of people to and from the vessel with a record of the last 14 days;

c.       Crew body temperature report at Recalada and Zona Comun when they transit through it, in addition to the temperature control in port.

d.      Other information to be requested by Health authorities in due course.



3 - Vessels coming from risk areas and with crew changes

     Applicable to any ship that has made crew changes that a crew member had to be temporarily disembarked for reasons that cannot be postponed,

     During last 14 days since the last port of call, regardless of whether the call was in a risk or non-risk country or affected area.


     Same pre-arrival info and requirements as detail on 1. And 2, But including additional:

a.       Crew change protocol (in a foreign country), in order to assess the traceability of the isolation of the last 14 days of each crew member before boarding

b.      Declaration of all the crew that includes the traceability of the 14 days prior to boarding by the crew, including the time that they have been ashore.

c.       Certificate made by the health agent of the shipping company or health agency

d.      Complementary documentation available regarding the crew and / or vessel that allows assessing their risks, to be required by Health authorities if necessary.



4 - Vessels required to comply with quarantine or isolation

      Ships that have positive cases aboard COVID-19 or suspects and so provide will be declared in quarantine the Health Authority.

      All ships that request to enter Argentine ports, regardless of the country of origin, not complying with the documents detailed in the previous items

     should complete an isolation period of 14 days to count from the date of departure from last foreign port of call.


5 - Pilotage

     Pilotage service are requested to comply with a Covid19 protocol in line with National Health Authority requirements.



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