Argentina - Covid19 regulations/protocol for vessels coming fm Brazil

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There is NO mandatory quarantine of 14 days for those vessels coming from Brazil to Argentina, subject all crew is asymptomatic from Covid19.


For vessels arriving from Brazil not meeting the 14 days period since the last port of call, below procedure still valid

where Authorities will check and control Sanitary status of vessel/crew at Recalada, and cleared vessel subject all crew is asymptomatic.

This is the current procedure applied so far for vessels, mainly bulk ones, sailing upriver.


There are few exceptions for Container vessels, PCC and Tankers where vessels navigate directly to calling port, then

Sanitary procedures/clearance is being done upon berthing.


So far 14 days quarantine is only requested by Port authorities and stevedores at Necochea port, as reported below.



By new decree the Executive have extended the compulsory isolation nationwide till April 26th-2400 hrs (and probably will be extended for 15 days more…)

Activities related to foreign trade are so far excluded from the isolation process, operations in most ports are carried out without interruptions or delays

Anyway current status at each port as listed below:


General regulations

Sanitary authorities are requiring to receive, in advance, the following documentation additional to usual pre arrival requirements and with no exception,

being applied for all the vessels coming from abroad.

1.- Copy of Medical Log book

2.- Register of body temperature to all crew and passengers if any.

3.- Crew change movements as from 01/12/2019.

4.- MHSD (Medical Health Ship Declaration)

5.- Individual Health Declaration form & questionnaires form (attached)


So far list of countries considered by Argentina as high risk from Covid-19 are Europe, Iran, Japan, South Korea, United States, Brazil and Chile.

Below procedures still in force for all ships arriving at Recalada, especially for those ships not meeting the 14 days quarantine period.


a.         Free Pratique form to be submitted by Shipping agent to Health authority Unit of vessels port of call at least 72 hours before the ship’s arrival to Recalada

b.         Health Authorities will evaluate the sanitary documentation and validate vessels prosecution to Coastguard, subject all crew are asymptomatic from COVID-19

            If symptoms or risks of COVID-19 arise, it immediately declares the quarantine of the ship and communicates it to Coastguard

c.         In case of no risk, Health authority will ask Coastguard to allow the boarding of Pilots and grant free prosecution of vessel to its port of destination.

d.         If the existence of any symptomatic case is verified immediately, Health authority will instruct vessel to navigate till Zona Comun where they board and declare

            ‘quarantine’ of ship, establishing the sanitary conditions for the disembarkation of the symptomatic passenger or crew that will be registered by Health authority.

            The measures to comply with the quarantine by all the rest of the crew will be defined by H. Authority together with the National Epidemiology office.

e.         Health authority will finally grant ‘free pratique’ to vessel upon arrival to its port of destination.


Crew Members / crew change

All borders are closed, so no foreigners and not even argentine citizens are allowed to enter the country, except few cases.

In view of this, flights going in/out Argentina are almost null, so no crew changes can be effected.

In addition, crewmembers are not allowed to disembark at different ports.


Pilot Services – embarking/disembarking at Recalada

Borders in Uruguay are also closed, Ferry services from Argentina to Uruguayan ports have been cancelled.

River Plate pilots are traveling as ‘passengers’ on outbound ships, in order to be positioned at Recalada PS, this affecting their usual travelling/logistics and availability.

As consequence additional pre-booking and coordination time might be needed before boarding at Recalada, this specially focus on River Plate service Recalada/Zona Comun leg

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