UPDATED News COVID-19 + events in Argentina and Uruguay dated 18/05/2020

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ARGENTINA – new sanitary measures for vessels – quarantine period


In view of recent events with two vessels and one Pilots recently tested positive of Covid19, authorities are now evaluating to request 14 days quarantine period

for all vessels coming to Argentina to count from las port of call abroad at any of countries considered by Argentina as high risk from Covid-19

Europe, Iran, Japan, South Korea, United States, Brazil and Chile included.


So far it is not clear if such measure would include Uruguay, being this country not considered as high risk/endemic country by argentine authorities.


Liners (containers) LNG and Crude Oil tankers would be excepted of this quarantine period, being still valid current procedure Sanitary procedures,

subject all crew are asymptomatic from COVID-19.


Meeting among authorities, pilots and Agency maritime chamber are being held today to clarify this measure.





URUGUAY  -  launch service strike affecting Pilots embarking/disembarking


Montevideo pilot boat service is temporary suspended due to unforeseen strike of the workers since today 18.05.2020 at 0000 hs affecting the

embarking of the pilots at MVD roads. Reason of such strike is to prevent possible contagious from Covid19.


This especially affecting the embarking/disembarking of Pilots for vessels calling Uruguayan ports, and some in Argentina.


Pilots embarking/disembarking for vessels bounded to Argentina being performed by Piriapolis port in Uruguay, facing demurrages time being.





Due to current COVID-19 outbreak and in line with Mandatory isolation in force, majority of our staff is now working from home.

This situation will remain same at least till May 24th so far, however it could be extended subject to current situation and Government announcements/regulations.


All our staff is monitoring incoming e-mails + phone calls 24/7, to make sure that our service is no affected on this period.


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