Brief of COVID-19 News + events in Argentina and Uruguay dated 27/05/2020

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Please note Brief of COVID-19  News – events in Argentina and Uruguay dated 27/05/2020, for your reference,



By new decree the Executive extended the compulsory isolation nationwide till June 07th-2400 hrs.

Activities related to foreign trade are so far excluded from the isolation process, operations in most ports are carried out without interruptions or delays

Anyway current status at each port as listed below:


General regulations – Covid19 Protocol

Sanitary authorities are requiring to receive, in advance, the following documentation additional to usual pre arrival requirements and with no exception,

being applied for all the vessels coming from abroad.

1.- Copy of Medical Log book

2.- Register of body temperature to all crew and passengers if any.

3.- Changes within the crew (stating the existence or not of crew changes during the last 14 or more days, detailing the place and date of the last crew change).

4.- MHSD (Medical Health Ship Declaration)

5.- Individual Health Declaration form & questionnaires form


Vessels arriving from affected countries or areas so far considered by Argentina as high risk from Covid-19 : Europe, Iran, Japan, South Korea, United States, Brazil and Chile.

or arriving from any country but with less than 14 days of navigation, must comply with current new Sanitary protocol (pls see copy here attached)

stating that crewmembers will have to be tested onboard, upon the vessel’s arrival to Recalada Pilot Station, before getting the authorization to proceed navigation to port of call.


Crew Members / crew change

All borders are still closed, so no foreigners and not even argentine citizens are allowed to enter the country, except few cases.

In view of this, flights going in/out Argentina are almost null, so no crew changes can be effected.

In addition, crewmembers are not allowed to disembark at different ports.


Pilot Services – embarking/disembarking at Recalada

Borders in Uruguay are also closed, Ferry services from Argentina to Uruguayan ports have been cancelled.

River Plate pilots are traveling as ‘passengers’ on outbound ships, in order to be positioned at Recalada PS, this affecting their usual

travelling/logistics and availability.

As consequence additional pre-booking and coordination time might be needed before boarding at Recalada, this specially focus on River Plate

service Recalada/Zona Comun leg





UPRIVER (San Lorenzo/Rosario range)

Operations being performed on normal basis so far.

Pilots, towage, launch and mooring/unmooring services being rendered to ALL vessels on normal basis.



SAN NICOLAS -  New Port and Elevator piers

Operations being performed on normal basis so far, but lower productivity operations due to Covid19 health restrictions with stevedores.

Port authorities are in line with nationwide Sanitary protocol, providing berthing assignment to all vessels coming from abroad,




So far Sanitary Authorities 14 days quarantine period only to vessels arriving from any of the countries listed as high risk from Covid19.

However Stevedores Union is requesting 14 days quarantine to all vessels coming from abroad (any country)

Stevedores and authorities might study some exemption for vessels coming from Uruguay, case by case basis.



Port authorities and Stevedores unions are considering case by case basis to allow entrance and operations for those vessel

not complying with 14 days quarantine period.

So far this measure not affecting LNG/LPG vessels.



Operations being performed on normal basis so far, subject to current regulations/procedures stablished due to COVID-19 outbreak



Operations being performed on normal basis so far, subject to current regulations/procedures stablished due to COVID-19 outbreak







*Borders are closed, Since March 26th only Uruguayans or residents can be authorized to enter to Uruguay till further notice by any border or airplane.

*however few exceptions given to Argentine citizens having Uruguayan citizenship on case by case basis.


Countries considered as high risk areas:

China, South Korea, Singapore, Iran, Japan, United States, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Brazil, Chile and Argentina.


Vessels coming from Brazil or other areas, arriving to La Paloma, Delta, Alpha lighterage Zones  & Montevideo are being granted

with ‘Free Pratique’ subject all crew are asymptomatic from COVID-19.


In case Master reports Crew with fever on board:

-Vessel remain in anchorage position, doctor is sent onboard in order to check in situ health conditions of all crew.

-In case of no risk, Health authority will grant Free Pratique,

-Port pilot to embark only subject to Free Pratique confirmation, with all safety equipment and proceed to berth.-

-In case of any symptomatic crew is detected will remain on board insolated in separate room and check daily temperature of other crew.

-In case of hospitalization needed, crew to be disembarked via boat service and vessel will remain in anchorage position.-


Punta del este / Delta Zone – Montevideo Port

*Free pratique should be granted, information should be send to authorities 48/72hs prior arrival.

*Inward / outward clearance to be done

*so far No delays expected for Vessels arriving from Brazil, subject all crew are asymptomatic from COVID-19.

*Provisions and materials can be delivered on board by chandler


Pilots procedure

Vessels who have called a risk port less than 14 days prior arrival Uruguay will be considered HIGH RISK, anyway Pilots are boarding vessel

subject to Free Pratique Confirmation by Sanitary authorities.

This specially refers to those ships coming from Brazil, Argentina or Chile, so far being served without restrictions.


Countries classified as risk areas:

China, South Korea, Singapore, Iran, Japan, United States, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Brazil, Chile and Argentina.


Montevideo and Nueva Palmira

Ports are working normal basis, subject to current regulations/procedures stablished due to COVID-19 outbreak


Crew changes

To be checked case by case basis by Authorities, always subject compliance of:

-  Responsibility letter from the Owner with full medical report (incl temperature control list) certifying the good health condition of the ON/OFF SIGNER.

-  Letter from Master giving the warranty that the On SIGNER will have accommodation and cabin on board if was necessary to make a quarantine.

-  On/off signer to be on direct transit from Airport to Vessel or vice-versa, Hotel accommodation to wait for vessel and or flight is not allowed.

-  For the time being quarantine is not being requested by sanitary authorities.

-  Air Flight schedule to match signing on/off dates, as per above procedures




Due to current COVID-19 outbreak and in line with Mandatory isolation in force, majority of our staff is now working from home.

This situation will remain same at least till June 7th so far, however it could be extended subject to current situation and Government announcements/regulations.


All our staff is monitoring incoming e-mails + phone calls 24/7, to make sure that our service is no affected on this period.


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