M/v COFCO1 still grounded at KM 289 Parana River

M/v COFCO1 still grounded at KM 289 Parana River since May 27th 0300hrs obstructing partially navigation channel.

Tugboats (3) Albacora, Brutus and Coopor 1 assisting vessel on re-floating maneuverings, 4th Tug Coopor 2 scheduled

to arrive grounding area today arnd 1500hrs agw wp.


Coastguard only allowing sailing upstream for vessels attempting max sailing drat of 7,50 mtrs fw and daylight basis.

Navigation downstream is not allowed, this is causing delays for vessels completing loading/discharging Upriver and congestion for those

sailing upstream, not being allowed to sail due to congestion and lack of space at roads.


This situation is delaying sailing, arrival n berthing of vessels at main terminals Upriver

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