Brief of COVID-19 News – events dated 01/06/2021 ARGENTINA


Restriction for vessels coming to Argentina due to Covid-19

General regulations – Covid19 Protocol

Additional to usual pre arrival requirements and with no exception, Sanitary authorities request to receive in advance all documents as per National Protocol according to Items 1 to 4 whatever be the case, copy of it here attached.

Valid from Sept 10th 2020, Vessels arriving from any country abroad with less than 14 days of navigation since last port of call are so far not being required for ‘quarantine period’; testing of crew onboard will be conducted upon arrival at each loading port roads.

This is being applied to all ports except Bahia Blanca and Necochea, pls see below:

Crew Members / crew change

Crewmembers are not allowed to disembark at all ports nationwide, so no crew changes can be effected time being

Since Dec 25th 2020 and due to current Covid19 outbreak, borders are closed. Foreigners are not authorized to enter till further advised.

Pilot Services – embarking/disembarking at Recalada

Uruguayan authorities are requesting to all Argentine citizens entering to their country (by land or river) a negative COVID test.

Argentine River Plate pilots are traveling as ‘passengers’ on outbound ships, in order to be positioned at Recalada PS, this affecting their usual travelling/logistics and availability.

As consequence additional pre-booking and coordination time might be needed before boarding at Recalada, this specially focused on River Plate service Recalada/Zona Comun leg.


So far operations are being performed on normal basis at all ports/terminals in line with current Covid19 safety protocol in force, except as below ports:


Valid since March 26th 2021, SUPA Stevedoring Union are again requesting 14 days quarantine to ALL vessels coming from abroad.

This would even apply for those vessels been granted free pratique at any other Argentinian Port previously (Upriver), where stevedores would insist to comply with such minimum 14 days to count since last port call abroad (Brazil and Uruguayan ports included).


Port authorities and Stevedores Unions are so far requesting 14 days quarantine period to ALL vessels arriving from any country abroad, even for those vessels loading upriver 1st, and then completing her cargo at Bahia Blanca. Port Administration Authorities are authorizing vessels coming from Brazilian and Uruguayan ports to enter port without quarantine period on a case by case basis, subject Sanitary Authorities approval

So far this measure is not affecting LNG/LPG vessels.

Due to current COVID-19 outbreak and in line with Mandatory isolation and Sanitary protocol in force, majority of our staff is still working from home.

All our staff is monitoring incoming e-mails + phone calls 24/7, to make sure that our service is no affected on this period.

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